Lord of the Meadow

The blue heron in the field knows my face. He knows my curse when the blackberry briar snags me. He croaks my name as he flies overhead between the water and the woods… Continue reading

How short is love, and how long is forgetting

I can write the saddest verses tonight. I can write, for example, “The night is starred, and the stars shiver, blue, in the distance.” The night wind turns in the sky and sings.… Continue reading

Mountain Mothers: Part 1

“There is an old woman who lives in a hidden place that everyone knows but few have ever seen. As in the fairy tales of Eastern Europe, she seems to wait for lost… Continue reading

A quick parable

The Four Rabbinim One night four Rabbinim were visited by an angel who awakened them and carried them to the Seventh Vault of the Seventh Heaven. There they beheld the sacred Wheel of… Continue reading

Cebollas y corridos

Where I live it rains so much for most of the year that even the summer heat seems filtered through a greenness, like sunlight through a leaf. The heat rises and chokes and… Continue reading

Un aullido

I find great satisfaction in filling physical notebooks with my scribbles and doodles, so I haven’t felt the need to keep a blog. On the other hand, not a soul in the world… Continue reading